Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my new blog. I wanted to learn more about the Green Movement of sustainability, and so this blog will be about understanding the Green Movement and what sustainability means.

When you are using energy that is green, this is usually referencing solar power or wind generated electricity. These types of energy are sustainable, which is where the word sustainability comes in when defining green energy. This is a focus that many countries have today because they are realizing the impact that fossil fuels have had on our environment. Until we are able to stop driving vehicles that run on combustion engines, we will likely not be able to deal with these problems such as global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer. Here are a couple ways that you can become part of this green movement and take part in this movement toward using sustainable fuels.

Purchase An Electric Car
If you want to, you can purchase an electric car which will allow you to stop using as much gasoline or diesel. It allows you to charge the car at different locations, usually holding a charge for a couple hundred miles, before you will have to plug the vehicle in again. As technology continues to improve, these products will become much more efficient, one day allowing us to drive all day without a single charge. You can do your part to become part of the green movement that is taking over the world using these sustainable energy solutions.