There is a movement today toward conservation and the use of renewable energy that is stronger than ever before. It is called the Green movement, and many people that are focused on achieving a better life for themselves, and for their children, are very serious about this direction. Their goal is to move away from fossil fuels, improve upon our ability to generate energy from the sun and wind, and reduce carbon monoxide emissions. It also has to do with recycling, making sure the landfills are not continually filling up with plastic, rubber tires, and general amounts of waste. However, is this actually a sustainable movement which can continue on, or is this a fad that is happening just now?

Can The Green Movement Be Sustained?
The short answer to this question is yes it can, however, there are changes that need to be made. More money needs to be put into the development of more efficient and less costly ways of making solar panels, windmills, and finding ways to motivate people to recycle. By increasing the amount of money the people can get for recyclable items, and also pushing technologies such as Pyrolysis, it is possible to start converting plastic and tires into reusable fuel that we can use at the same time that we are eliminating and preventing this waste from being buried in the ground. This is just an overview of what needs to be done, and if things change, it is definitely sustainable.

Is The Green Movement Here To Stay?
Sustainability and green living have been buzz words for years, but is the green movement really here to stay? Non-profit organizations that are dedicated to recycling and protecting the environment are becoming more influential and more people are joining this cause.

There has also been some changes made by major companies and by politicians. Scientific findings on issues such as pollution and global warming are leading to more regulations when it comes to the way business operates or the way products are manufacturer.

There is also a growing interest for green lifestyles from many individuals. A lot of homeowners are investing in solar panels and opting for eco-friendly materials and appliances for their home.

Educators are also making a difference by teaching children about the environment. It is likely that the new generations will be even more conscious of environmental issues and more dedicated to protecting the environment.

The green movement is definitely not a fad, and there is a real need to develop new regulations, new sources of energy and new ways of living without negatively impacting the environment. This is definitely something you should look into if you are interested in reducing your environmental footprint and want to make a difference.